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We are committed to creating the expression that is uniquely formed under the tutelage of professional and artistic prodigies.

TWF Concept is a global initiative, our product inspires every individual’s heart and helps each and every one truly understand the need to live better and do better.

Essemm Nsofor an artist, singer, songwriter, and music producer born in Lagos, Nigeria. Essemm discovered his musical talent at a young age, he started honing his talent by joining his church choir and learning to play the Guitar, Piano and other musical instruments.
In 2014, after studying Business Administration, Essemm started teaching music and this led to the birth of TWF Concept, a music platform that empowers music lovers to explore their talent.
Essemm’s unique gift allows him to explore rhythm and blues, soft rock and jazz with the flexibility of skilled talent. Essemm’s voice lures you into a deep consideration of the fabric of your soul. Inspired by Travis Greene and Todd Dullaney, Essemm’s music comes from a place of understanding which allows him to connects with people and add essential value to their lives.
Essemm’s latest single “You be God” combines a genuine Alternative-rock style of worship with outstanding lyrics that reflect the unifying effects of music.
His upcoming EP “Shine,” is a proclamation of God’s supremacy in our lives and how his love affords us daily expressions in believing in ourselves to #Shine. In a polarizing world, Essemm strings soulful and solemn tunes to encapsulate the essentiality of God’s love.

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The go-to global platform for business, media, and music entertainment management.
Our Mission:
To #Discover and empower gifted, artistic, and expressive individuals/organizations to be #Creative #Collective #Inspired and #Accelerate #TheWayForward.
Our Core Scripture:
Matthew 5:16
Let your light shine before men, that. they may see your good works, and. glorify your Father which is in heaven.

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