Shine – Essemm

Shine By Essemm

Verse 1
Looking forward never pondering about the past you had
The future has been looked into with all plans made
It’s not about the colour of your skin or reflection in the mirror
If you look into yourself you would see clearer
How amazing it is to put heart and mind to reality
The set back and feedback that never seems to fly by
Its gana be alright 2xe
You can shine bright 2xe

Only you can make you great
Never let the harsh words make you break
Realize your strength and then you’ll wake
You can shine bright

Verse 2
It could be you
It could be me
It could be anyone of us
The things you do
By faith, you’ll see
We won’t be needing any force
Now I surrender to the wonder of the one and only boss
I chose to shine (2xe)

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Only you can make you great!
You can shine bright

Shine By Essemm

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